Authenticated Designer Hand Bags - Luxurious or Dangerous?

Having an authentic designer hand bags has been a luxury for a very long period of time. Whenever a person is out shopping for authentic designer handbags, she definitely must have a very kin eye so she will not be able to be fooled by fake imitations.

Identifying handbags whether the handbag is a fake or not is very difficult. You do not want to spend much of your precious money you earned from your hard work and suddenly realized that you spent it just to buy a fake.

This is the very most irritating moments in our lives when we work hard and what we got is a fake! However, there are replicas that look really as if it is an authentic hand bag. You can buy it in a much lower price.

While some people would prefer replicas with a price tag lower than half of the original thing, they do not realize that it is better to invest money in buying originals as it has the quality to last for longer period of time. It is a fact that nothing beats the original.

This saying is also applicable when it comes to hand bags. The original authentic designer hand bags are more durable and more luxurious than the fake replicas.

Authenticated branded purses costs more than clothing in every aspect. If it happened that you have an old dress you had worn in the past occasions and you have decided to sell it, you would definitely earn lesser than you would have expected.

If you are not a known person like celebrities or actors and actresses, your dress might just end up torn into pieces before it could be sold because nobody wants to spend money for a garment worn by another person.

Purses and hand bags are not worn on the body. This make it possible to resale authenticated hand bags and purses in a higher price although lesser than its original price when you have purchased it.

While having an authenticated designer hand bag, there is danger in going out. The most luxurious designer hand bag has a dark side. Because these kinds of bags cost huge amount of money, snatchers and thieves could be tempted to rob you and steal your belongings.

Showing out your most precious and luxurious belongings and boasting of it is like attracting criminals and thieves to rob you.

People including thieves and robbers would probably think that you have something valuable inside your bag because they saw that your handbag is an authenticated designer handbag.

This could trigger their instinct to do some brutal and bad things to you just to steal your things and money.