Criminal Damage - Straight From the Streets

Established in 1991 in London's East End they set out from the start to tap into every trend, then give it its own unique touch to create something new and fresh. Their designers work under minimal constraint, allowing creative freedom to rule the day, resulting in innovative designs that speak from the streets with a rich heritage to fall back upon. The results are some of the most powerful eye-catching pieces to enter the menswear arena at the moment.

A lot of people have come across Criminal Damage because of their influence within the music scene, it was a relationship that started during the 90s, which was a hotbed of creativity blended with a new, fresh urban/street scene - the brand tapped into this vast resource and positioned itself in a world that was greatly appreciative. This is a situation that is still as fruitful now as it ever was, with high profile celebs still investing in the brand and being photographed wearing their designs onstage and off.

Back in '91 the East End of London wasn't quite the creative, cultural hub that it is today but since they are still based there they can bask in the reflected glory that this area of the capital is beaming out right now. Interestingly, the Shoreditch scene is known for being a real representation of youthful creative energy, direct from the street - which falls directly in line with the ethics of Criminal Damage.

Street wear is enjoying a resurgence almost at the same level of the 90s heydays right now, this is creating a generation of connoisseurs who only buy into brands with a hefty reputation. With so much choice they can afford to be picky, selecting only the freshest pieces from collections that are progressive and putting out the strongest collections of the season. Judging from the latest releases from Criminal damage they fall into the bracket of a brand worth spending some money on. They're not a one trick pony either as they put out a varied array of apparel from varsity jackets to shirts - all with the same level of attention to detail put into the design process.

We've all heard about the testing financial times we're in, but let's face it - if brands don't cut it right now then they will sink into obscurity and potentially not come back. Doesn't look like there's any such fears for Criminal Damage, I'm expecting to see them around for a good many years yet.