Poster Printing - Types of Concepts and Designs

Poster printing is considered more of a science than an art and is bounded by theories of style, designs and concepts that play a major role in making them attractive and easy to understand sources of advertisement. There are many different types of layouts that are put to use while designing a poster. These layouts help to determine the purpose of the poster and the resultant influence that it will have on the general audience.

The basics types of layouts that are used these days are the 'wanted' and the 'stream lined' layouts.

The wanted layout is the type of design that has a title, more like a header file and the resultant matter in the middle of the sheet. It also contains information and surplus ideas regarding the cause for which it is put up, at the bottom and the sides of the poster. A good idea of a typical wanted style layout poster is one that you may find in the police station where criminal pictures are put up with the wanted sign.

The other type of printing layout is that of the stream lined variety that includes data stacked in a column in a systematic manner. It basically has the tendency to target the human body tendency to look and scrutinize facts from top to bottom. There are no additional pictures and information except for what is already presented on the poster.

The poster printing industry gives the people a number of opportunities to customize posters for their various needs and advertising purposes. You can decide the poster size, shape, the coloring and the graphics as also the font in which you want to write out the information. The type of poster material is also chosen by the customer before the final print is made. You can choose from plastic, to cloth to vinyl and corflute depending on your advertisement needs.

The Poster printing industry is vast and you can find one that will cater to your needs if you look well enough and are willing to spend money for a well designed and printed poster board.

Animal Activists and the New PR War Designed to Link Acts of Conscience With Domestic Terrorism

Animal Activists and terrorists are terms which do not seem to go hand in hand. However, Berkeley, CA native Daniel San Diego has been added to the FBI's Most Wanted Terrorist list alongside Osama bin Laden and a rogue's gallery of suspected mass murderers. Along with a physical description including his tattoos, the FBI notes that San Diego "has ties to animal rights extremist groups," and "is known to follow a vegan diet, eating no meat or food containing animal products." He is obviously a scary character.

San Diego is accused of planting pipe bombs overnight in two buildings in 2003, ostensibly for a group called "Revolutionary Cells-Liberation Brigade." He is notable not only for being the only suspected domestic terrorist to make the list, and the only animal activist to be given such notoriety, but for being the only one who hasn't harmed anyone.

It is not our intention to defend Daniel San Diego, or promote the type of crime he has been accused of, but it is laughable to suggest he is on a par with fugitives wanted by the FBI for murder, using weapons of mass destruction, hostage taking resulting in death, and so on.

So what is actually going here? Is it possible that there is an active campaign to equate environmental and animal activism to terrorism? It's quite possible...The Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act was passed in November 2006 specifically to define vandalism, economic sabotage, whistle-blowing, media campaigns and undercover filming as a terrorist act if it causes a company - an animal enterprise - to lose money. For the purposes of this law, an animal enterprise is any business that "uses or sells animals or animal products" (including food, clothing, pets, entertainment or scientific research) and also covers people or businesses connected to an animal enterprise.

Corporate interests are engaging in multiple PR wars to leverage our abhorrence of terrorism and apply it to non-violent acts of conscience, particularly those practiced by animal activists and grassroots progressives. Mainstream organizations like the Humane Society and Greenpeace are often called "domestic terrorists" by industry, government and media mouthpieces. Country singer Carrie Underwood was recently accused of supporting terrorism for donating to the Humane Society, as was the cable channel Animal Planet for its popular series "Whale Wars" about the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society's work to stop illegal whaling.

San Diego targeted companies allegedly sponsoring animal testing at Huntingdon Life Sciences, an international laboratory responsible for unspeakable violence against animals. Thousands of animals are tortured and killed there every day - nearly 200,000 animals each year - and numerous Huntingdon employees have been convicted of animal cruelty. Some animals, such as baboons, are kidnapped from their native habitats and brought to a Huntingdon lab; others, like beagle puppies, are purchased by the dozens from breeders. They are confined in cells, immobilized in ridiculous contraptions, force-fed toxic chemicals and pesticides, injected with germs and viruses, endure surgeries with little to no pain management, have their limbs broken, substances rubbed into open wounds, and other horrific acts of torture.

These animals are, quite literally, terrorized - but the perpetrators will not appear on any government's "most wanted" list. Instead all types of animal activists and organizations representing animal rights are slowing being grouped, defined and commingled with hardcore criminals who are determined to cause long lasting harm to our country. Animal activists of all types should be aware of this subtle PR trend and be careful to clearly differentiate their goals from those of an ill-suited nature before the powers that be mute their voice of opinion.

How to Keep Criminals Out of Your Home

Many times individuals seek out the homes of unsuspecting persons in order to burglarize their homes. But, thanks to the smartly placed hidden cameras in the homes of these people, police are often able to pinpoint who the suspects are, analyze their modus operandi, and formulate a plan of action that results in arrest.

Home burglary can and does happen to anyone, and If you think that burglars only target the affluent and famous, then you are gravely mistaken. In fact in the United States alone, a burglary takes place every 14 seconds. Why the high rate, you ask? As a direct consequence of the national economy becoming worse, home burglary is again becoming a common crime.

No one wants to find his home ransacked and plundered of all the things they worked so hard for despite these economic hardships. Your Plasma TV's, state of the art entertainment showcases, precious jewelries, latest gadgets, designer clothes, high-end computers and laptops are just some of the favorite items unscrupulous burglars love to steal without any consideration for their fellow individuals.

How do you avoid this costly and potentially deadly predicament? Awareness to your surroundings and environment is always the best crime deterrent, unfortunately, all of us cannot be aware of everything 100% of the time. However, there is an electronic gadget that never lets it guard down, two words come to mind: Hidden Camera

Hidden Cameras are great investments for anyone who wants to safeguard their property, belongings and most important of all, their loved ones. As useful and reliable your fancy locks and beloved dogs are as deterrents against criminal minded individuals, these are not enough in the current fight against crimes regarding your properties. Thieves are becoming bolder and their methods more carefully thought out nowadays, so you really can't take any chances when it comes to the security of your home and loved ones.

Whether you choose to place your security camera[s] inside or outside your home, you must always keep in mind to place them in a location where they cannot be easily spotted by burglars and thieves. A clumsily placed camera can alert the burglars early on, and they can find other means of breaking into your house where there are no cameras. Monitoring the footage must also be done on a regular basis, but if you personally don't have enough time to view the recording, you can ask a member of your family or a trusted friend to do it for you.

Designer Handbags at Any Price?

How much is too much to spend on a designer hand bag? An Hermes' Birkin just sold at auction for more than $80,000. Is that too much to pay? It was made of genuine crocodile and had a diamond studded clasp, still too much? Believe it or not, that is not the most expensive bag available, not even close. Forbes recently put out a list of the world's most expensive handbags, at $80,000 that silver Birkin did not even make the top 5.

So what is the phenomenon with outrageously priced designer bags? Is there any limit to their extraordinary prices or to their appeal. Well, I guess that depends on who you ask. I don't think my mom ever paid more than thirty or forty dollars for a hand bag. She seems perfectly happy and always has a place for her wallet, pack of Kleenex and her cell phone. It does the job. I can't imagine my mom ever looking longingly at someone else's Louis Vuitton tote. She is too much of a practical Yankee to ever consider spending hundreds never mind thousands on something so unimportant.

Yet for others the hand bag takes precedent over everything else. I once witnessed a mother rebuke her teenage daughter for spending $450 on several articles of rather practical clothing saying, "Four hundred and fifty dollars! You could have bought a hand bag for that much!" When did this turn take place? When did a handbag become more important than back to school clothes? When did teens become the sensible ones and adults go over the deep end?

Obviously the women who can afford to spend tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands on a single handbag live in world very different than the rest of us, with their own motives and rationale that the rest of us may never understand.

So what about the rest of us? Those of us that are willing to save our money or cut our budgets elsewhere so we can afford a Louis Vuitton or a Coach bag, how do we know what's a good investment and what's just paying too much? A classic handbag in a neutral color is going to give you more mileage than a trendy bag in a seasonal color way. You're paying not only for the name but for the design and most of these bags are designed with great attention to detail. The perfect bag for you is one that suits all your needs, not only aesthetic. It should be of a size and shape that's fits you comfortably. Most women are more comfortable with a bag they can carry on their shoulder and that is slim enough to sit under their arm. Even a small bag should have compartments to accommodate all your stuff and to keep essentials within easy reach.

If you prefer a bag that grabs attention or is more about the current trends than longevity your investment might seem to be short lived, remember the Louis Vuitton cherries of a few years ago? Even these flash in the pan trends can be saved, clean 'em up, put 'em in their dust jackets and stash it in the back of your closet. In a few years these currently trendy bags can be very retro chic. A good quality bag will last for years.

So where are the best deals? Buying from an authorized dealer has definite advantages. First being the service. The service you receive in a store like Channel is a part of the experience of buying and owning a designer bag. You can shop all their styles and see which one truly suits you in a way you can not when buying online. Also you know that what you are buying is the genuine article. The after care can often justify paying a premium price. The better design houses will take care of your purchase for its lifetime. Being able to register it with the company can help if you ever need to submit an insurance claim if it is ever lost or stolen.

Sales don't just happen at discount stores but you will rarely see one advertised at any important designer's store. To get the inside track on the good sales you have to have a connection. (See my earlier posts on shopping sales.) Having a relationship with your sales person will get you tipped off when your coveted clutch hits the markdown sheet. At the premium brands all the great sale deals go to their clients and the general public never even knows it's happened. At Georgio Armani the first day of the sale 90% of all the mark downs are already sold, having been waiting on hold in the back room with a name and credit card number waiting for the big day. By the time you hear of it, if you hear of it, all the best pieces are gone. The "clients" scooped them up weeks earlier. Why? Because they got a phone call inviting them to come pre shop the sale.

If you prefer finding great deals on-line there are plenty of options though not all are legit. There is a lot of fraud going on out there. Many online sellers represent counterfeit bags as the real McCoy and getting your money back from a criminal like that, well, good luck. Doing your research here is very important. There are lots of e-bay sellers offering deals on legitimate products. E-bay is a great place to buy vintage bags. With so many buyers only interested in "New with tags" you can pick up a used bag for pennies on the dollar and having that patina of use adds to the look. It also shows that your bag, while not off the lot new, is genuine. Fake bags don't age well real bags age beautifully.

There is another on-line option, rent the bag! There are several companies offering new bags for rent! If you love the idea of growing a collection that you can pass down this is not the option for you. If you always want the newest and the best and then move on to the next this can be a great way to save some money. Rather than paying thousands for tomorrow's cast off you can spend a couple of hundred, use it for a month or two, send it back and get something completely different. This idea would definitely throw my mom's head into a tail spin, hundreds of dollars for a handbag for a MONTH! But if you are spending thousands and only using your purchases for a season anyway, it would actually save you loads of money. For many hand bag renters it's the only way they can afford the real thing, it could be a great option for going to an event. Who wouldn't like to walk into their high school reunion with an Hermes' Birkin on her arm, no one there needs to know she couldn't possibly afford it. It is better to have the real thing for one month than to have

Anne Klein Dresses - Cheap and Best Designs

Anne Klein dresses are among the most wanted designer dresses in the world. This brand has been making great waves in the industry since the past 30 years, and has established itself as one of the best brands in the US today. This brand prides itself in being able to understand the needs of real woman. A real woman, who has a job, a career, and a family, would not want to spend all her money on just clothing. She would at the same time, want to look extremely fashionable and sexy. Anne Klein dresses are exactly what you need, if you believe in this philosophy.

Anne Klein dresses are extremely famous for their casual clothes segment. There are some excellent designs available here. You could go for fitting clothing, or something that is loose and comfortable. The attires with falling necks are extremely popular - they make you look completely hot, and feel absolutely great. Anne Klein dresses don't have enormous price tags attached to them that will make you feel as guilty as a criminal. You can instead save up a lot of money by choosing these clothing.

While choosing clothing, you will be amazed at the variety of colours that are available. There is attire in almost every colour, and you will be able to choose new colours that you have never worn before. The quality of these clothes is extremely great. They are not as expensive as international brands, and are thus completely affordable. You can buy a lot of Anne Klein dresses without feeling any guilt. They are made of very good quality, and are thus very long lasting. Even after repeated washes, these attires remain looking fresh and fantastic. You will be able to wear these for a very long time. They are timeless, and never go out of fashion.

How Not to Fall Prey to Cyber Criminals

Imagine checking your e-mail to find out if your friends, colleagues, business associates or any other person or organization that communicates with you, has gotten in touch. Your eyes ritualistically scan the name/subject in each box, and hey! a message in one of the subject lines gets your attention. Curiosity gets the better part of you and naturally you click on the subject matter and the contents are revealed. Well what do you know? someone is presenting a whooping sum of money to you, in exchange for a "seemingly harmless favour". It's an unbelievable offer, probably a once in a life time opportunity and you decide to play ball, and end up parting with some money. Congrats! you've just been duped of your hard earned money by some cyber criminals in sheep clothing.

A person who falls as a victim in the net of these day light robbers is referred to as a "Mugu" or "Maga", which simply means "a dummy, a fool" and in our National colloquial (vernacular) in Nigeria is called "Mumu". The reason why people constantly swallow the bait is ironically based on "Greed ". These lazy bones will always present you with a whooping sum that would make you whistle or cause your eyes to pop out of its sockets. Of course, since you want the money, you agree to play ball. They use the weapon of greed against you, tell you to bring a small amount of money, a little now, and a little again based on a thousand and one excuses. It's like leaving trails of bread crumbs for the bird to eat, which it does eat, hoping excitedly from one to the other, and since its guard has been let down...bam!, it finds itself trapped in a cage.

I have received e-mails telling me of a next of kin issue with millions that I could conveniently inherit, or that I'd won a whooping sum,(in pounds) organized by some Blue chip companies, lottery bodies. I was asked to send my personal details ( name, address, phone number, bank account number,) to claim my prize money. I didn't need any one to tell me that they were scammed mails, I sniffed it out instantly.

Those who perpetuate these crimes are referred to as "Yahoo Yahoo boys" in Nigeria (they illegally used the top notch site for criminal activities when the internet began to blossom in the country), and also "Advanced fee fraudsters".

Always bear in mind that the potential scammer might and might not know you. He might know you by reason of being your friend, relative, colleague who knows a lot about you such as your likes and dislikes, where you shop, your habits, what you do, they know a lot. Where they don't know you, they generate e-mails through the e-mail look up process on popular search engines and type in a person's name. Thousands of e- mails with the name pops up, then the search is narrowed down to city, town, address of the people. They then decide on whom to pick, and after carefully writing the letter to avoid suspicion, it's sent to your box, and then the game begins.

Death and Inheritance messages: Next of kin
The scammer introduces himself in the e-mail as "Mr X", (a false name) and probably tells you he'd tried mailing a letter (surface mail) to you, sent it but didn't get any response and so it must have been lost. He correctly states your name, address, and can even tell you some details about yourself (but not in all cases, he can go straight to the point after introducing himself). There are various versions of the next of kin story. One version is to inform you of how a rich man died (with his family) and left an incredible sum with no one to inherit the money. Then he began to conduct an investigation and suddenly finds out that you're his lost long next of kin. Of course he knows you'll doubt it and asks you in the letter to send an e-mail to his Attorney to verify. You're curious (on one hand you feel something's not right and on the other you begin to think of the possibility of being a made for life and even allow yourself to day dream in Fantasy Island). You send the e-mail, after all an Attorney (an officer of the law in the Temple of Justice) can't be engaged in nefarious activities.

The Attorney who unknown to you is still 'Mr X' replies and confirms its true, and with that assurance you eagerly write back to 'Mr X' telling him you've confirmed and your ready to claim the inheritance. He's happy, showers praises on you and tells you he'll get right to working on it. He waits a couple of more days (to heighten the suspense) and sends another e- mail to you stating that he'll need, say $500, to get the legal documents out based on "xyz reasons". What's $500 compared to hundreds of thousands/millions of dollars, so you send it. Then one excuse after the other comes rolling in and you're parting with more and more money, and before you know it "you're the Mugu"

Another version of the Next of Kin evil scheme, would be to receive an e-mail by 'Mr X' who is based in another country. He informs you about how a certain rich man ( a foreign business partner ) deposited a staggering amount in their bank for the expansion of some business deals in Africa, while he was and still is, say, the foreign operations manager. Unfortunately, the man, and his wife, died in an air crash and since they had no children, and no one had come forward to claim same, he was offering you the opportunity of doing that. He tells you to open a new bank account and forward the details to him, and to also include your name, address, phone number, age, occupation and other personal details that would be useful in withdrawing the amount. He tells you not to worry, he's got everything worked out and after the money transfer has been made, he'll resign, meet with you, and split the money 50/50. You decide to play ball, and he begins to bring up one excuse or the other to extort money from you, and hey he's got you "You're the Maga".

The trick is always aimed at those who want to 'date/marry' someone 'over the net' (that is not to say that all dating sites are illegal or don't give the desired results some crave for) but it's a strategy they effectively use. I particularly do not encourage people to date over the net or to be swept off their feet by love declarations and marriage proposals (my opinion) for the following reasons:

1) People are not really who they seem to be over the net
2) The net is a facade that hides their true identify/character
3) How do you know the picture of the person is his true self, you'd be surprised at how these idle minds put up fake pictures and impersonate people
4) Anybody can write any thing on the net to impress you, you can't tell if he truly likes/loves you, and you can't attest to his character
5) You could be chatting/dating an ex-con, a criminal, pervert, rapist, wife beater, murderer, psychotic, who just wants to play on your emotions
6) Most dating/love relationships, oftentimes than not, takes place in different geographical axis, the man in one country and the woman in another. It's safer for them that way, after all, you can't hop in to a plane just to go to his country and when you finally do, he's made all the necessary arrangements for you to believe in his tell tales.

Now the widower "Mr X" doesn't reveal his true identity through the picture, so he becomes an impostor, and takes the identity of someone else (having hacked into the person's profile over the net) from another country. He pastes the picture on a dating site he has created, and since he's good looking, "lonely Miss Y" from another country sees the picture and sends him a flattery e-mail, but the letter conveys a tone of disbelief. 'Mr X' quickly responds by sending pictures of himself to her box, his profile, and other vital information he senses would be of paramount interest to her. She's satisfied and begins a relationship with supposedly 'Mr X'. One day he cooks up a story about how he's stranded at the airport in "N country" and needs her to send $500 to help him out. He designs and sends her counterfeit flight tickets, hotel bills etc and instructs her to send it in the name of "Mr Z" (his accomplice). She'll do anything for the love of her life and sends same. It's one excuse or the other after that, and she keeps on sending money and never gets to meet him, until she realises she'd been tricked, but it's too late "She's the Mugu"

Credit/ATM Cards, Bank Accounts
"Mr X" through software generators, gets access to people's IDs and with their credit card information has access to their bank details. He logs on to the bank's website, types in the information, and transfers the money into his account. It was used mainly when internet facilities began to thrive in Nigeria. Currently, e-mails and even text messages via mobile phones, are sent by these lazy drones to people, especially bank and Telecoms customers, requesting them to send their ATM details, bank account details, PIN numbers, to redeem prizes or for some other unrealistic reasons. In a swift reaction, the Banks and Telecoms companies have alerted the public to disregard such e-mails and text messages, and not to divulge such vital information, as they would never tell customers to do that.

Lottery winnings
Imagine being sent an e- mail that you'd won "K million dollars/pounds", because your name popped up as the winner. They tell you to visit the lottery site (bear in mind that some don't ). You do and it looks authentic, and you're thrilled about being a Millionaire, imagine all the stuff you'd buy with the money... but hold on a second "It might not be real". There are authentic lottery sites no doubt, but you've got to be careful that you're not on the wrong track as 'Mr X" also uses lottery sites to perpetuate his illegal activities.

"Mr X" is aware of the ongoing lottery in "P country" he visits the site and designs a similar one, generates e-mail addresses, gets their information and sends it to various people, (not in his country, except to those he knows) and tells them they've won and should visit the site. You do and he has even placed the team's photos (fake) and the country it's being carried out in. You reply the message and you're informed of series of things that would be done in order for you to get the money. Again out of excitement you send "M dollars", and the excuses keep coming in, while you keep paying and then you soon realize "you're the Mugu"

Non-existent Business deals
Most oftentimes than not "Mr X" sends an e-mail to "H company" in another country filled with all sorts of business ideas, information, opportunities, projected financial yields 'H company' would have if they did business together (became partners). Of course, opportunity to expand the business and make tons of profit causes 'H company' to jump at the sweet package. One thing leads to another and 'H company' unaware of the legal processes to take in establishing a business/joint venture in 'X's country or unable to confirm the authenticity of the deal and about his company readily agrees to and gives into the various demands of 'Mr X'. He later finds out its all been a lie and oh! well the "contact man of H company was the Mugu".

Foreigners and indigenes alike should not be in the habit of jumping into partnership/business deals of any kind without verifying the legality of such proposed businesses initiated by an individual/company. One of the steps to take is to engage the services of a lawyer who will help in the verification process amongst other things.

Winning streak

Blue chip companies do not conduct promos without advertising same through the Media (electronic and print). They'll never tell you to send details of your bank account, address, or tell you to call them so that they can inform you of where to pick up your prize. Winners are always contacted or told to go to the Redemption centres to get them.

It's no longer news that some unpatriotic Nigerians are involved in internet scams and have tarnished the country's image abroad. Nigerians generally are viewed with suspicion and are seen as unreliable, untrustworthy, fraudulent people. This notion is however wrong as a few bad apples doesn't necessarily mean the others are rotten, but the country without blemish should first cast a stone!.

Nigeria's Minister of Information Prof. Dora Akunyili spurring on the Re -branding campaign, with the slogan, "Nigeria good people, great Nation" is ready to correct the wrong impression most foreigners have about Nigerians. The Economic and financial crimes commission (EFCC) has been haunting down Cyber criminals with the cyber raid approach and the latest electronic mechanism in partnership with Microsoft to monitor, detect, scam mails over the net which is generating a 100% success result. Illegal sites are being shut down, reducing by the day the number of millions of people who fall as victims. Mails perceived as scams based on reasons expounded herein or otherwise should be reported to the EFCC.

Nigerians are good, warm, hospitable, friendly people and the fertile soil gives investors (foreign and local) the opportunity of ploughing their financial/technical resources into it with mouth watering financial returns. It's a great place to be in and without mincing words "I'm proudly Nigerian".

So long...

Don't Look Cheap by Buying Fakes

Browse the internet for your favourite designer or top brand fashion clothing or watch and you will be bombarded with links to sellers of fake/counterfeit goods, the world over. In fact studies have shown that almost 80% of all designer clothing and watches offered for sale on the internet are fake.

In many countries including U.S.A, Australia, U.K, Canada, Germany, italy and France it is a criminal offence to sell, supply, import,manufacture or distribute fake/ counterfeit goods. Businesses found to be in breach of their national counterfeit laws face large fines and possible imprisonment for those in charge of the business. Customers found to be purchasing fake/counterfeit goods also face having the item confiscated and possible fines , so is it really worth it to buy that fake Omega watch or Fake Ed Hardy Hoodie, I think not.

Counterfeiting clothing, handbags and watches is a well organised business , normally conducted in regions where labour is cheap, such as China. These counterfeiting operations are also known to be part of large organised crime syndicates so by buying that fake watch or fake Gucci bag, in a sense you are supporting criminal activity overseas and engaging in criminal activity yourself. Again, not worth the risk.

Now we come to the issue of quality, is a fake watch, bag or piece of clothing as good as authentic versions. All you need to do is browse the net again to see millions of complaints from people who either knowingly or unknowingly purchased counterfeit goods. Time and time again you will read that the quality is poor and the item simply fell apart, soon after the purchase was made. There are many reasons a real Tag Heur watch, authentic Gucci bag or genuine Ed Hardy clothing is not cheap, it is of the best quality construction, the materials used in manufacturing are of the highest quality, you are buying a limited piece made buy people that receive proper wages. Fakes are of poor construction, using poor quality materials and are generally made buy poor people that are paid peanuts.

Whilst it is true that we all want to look good and we can't all afford designer clothing etc, it does not make it OK to buy counterfeit goods, thereby supporting criminals and risking prosecution ourselves. If you can't afford the real thing, don't buy fakes as there are many other great options that will allow you to look good , on a budget. If you can afford it, then great, buy the real deal, get quality and be safe in the fact that you are doing what is right.

Authenticated Designer Hand Bags - Luxurious or Dangerous?

Having an authentic designer hand bags has been a luxury for a very long period of time. Whenever a person is out shopping for authentic designer handbags, she definitely must have a very kin eye so she will not be able to be fooled by fake imitations.

Identifying handbags whether the handbag is a fake or not is very difficult. You do not want to spend much of your precious money you earned from your hard work and suddenly realized that you spent it just to buy a fake.

This is the very most irritating moments in our lives when we work hard and what we got is a fake! However, there are replicas that look really as if it is an authentic hand bag. You can buy it in a much lower price.

While some people would prefer replicas with a price tag lower than half of the original thing, they do not realize that it is better to invest money in buying originals as it has the quality to last for longer period of time. It is a fact that nothing beats the original.

This saying is also applicable when it comes to hand bags. The original authentic designer hand bags are more durable and more luxurious than the fake replicas.

Authenticated branded purses costs more than clothing in every aspect. If it happened that you have an old dress you had worn in the past occasions and you have decided to sell it, you would definitely earn lesser than you would have expected.

If you are not a known person like celebrities or actors and actresses, your dress might just end up torn into pieces before it could be sold because nobody wants to spend money for a garment worn by another person.

Purses and hand bags are not worn on the body. This make it possible to resale authenticated hand bags and purses in a higher price although lesser than its original price when you have purchased it.

While having an authenticated designer hand bag, there is danger in going out. The most luxurious designer hand bag has a dark side. Because these kinds of bags cost huge amount of money, snatchers and thieves could be tempted to rob you and steal your belongings.

Showing out your most precious and luxurious belongings and boasting of it is like attracting criminals and thieves to rob you.

People including thieves and robbers would probably think that you have something valuable inside your bag because they saw that your handbag is an authenticated designer handbag.

This could trigger their instinct to do some brutal and bad things to you just to steal your things and money.

How to Choose an Online Designer Store

When we are looking to do a bit of online shopping, we should bear in mind that we will not only be shopping for all the items that we wish to get, we are also shopping for the right designer store.

Suffice it to say that our choice on an online store can spell a huge difference between enjoying our shopping experience with the convenience of online shops, and a disastrous shopping activity where snags such as delays in delivery, issues with online payments and getting items in poor condition dominate the scene.

So before we start our online shopping activity, we should not only check for the condition of the items but also the shopping conditions or stipulations a certain online store has in place.

Online Security

First of all, we should consider security measures that a specific designer store has in place. We have heard it often enough that identity theft, credit card fraud and other criminal activities by certain unscrupulous individuals have been making the rounds online.

Unsuspecting victims suddenly find themselves being billed by purchases they never made, among other things. We should therefore extensively research on the background of online shops we have picked. Getting recommendations from people we know and trust who have had pleasurable online shopping experiences from particular stores is a starting point in choosing the right designer store.

Hidden Charges, Terms and Conditions

By carefully reading the fine print of stores' Terms and Conditions, we can find out whether or not shopping in a particular online shop is a viable option for us. Checking for shipping and delivery charges, terms that will allow us to enjoy free shipping and delivery, and returns policies will ensure that we will not run into any hassles once we have purchased items that we like.

If we do need to clarify certain matters, we should readily ask our questions through the shops' Customer Support section and keep on asking, never mind if we seem redundant, until we get a satisfactory answer.

Discount Shopping

Now the most crucial part is finding a designer store that can give us great items at affordable rates. There are a good number of designer items being offered during clearance sales and these can range from designer clothes and accessories, to designer shoes and every other imaginable designer item that we can think of.

Usually, designer labels that are offered at discounted rates in land-based designer outlets are tagged at even lower prices once they find themselves being sold online.

So we can easily find designer items sold up to 70% off its original price! We need only to be patient as we browse through designer shops since it is only through comparing specific brands from different stores can we find a truly great bargain.

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Invisible Clothing Fit For Harry Potter

What would you do if you could become invisible? Answers to that ever popular question range from the criminal (rob a bank) and obscene (spend a day in a women's locker room) to the political (super-efficient government spies) and bizarre (walk around naked in public). To many the question is rhetorical; it doesn't matter what they would do because it's never going to be possible. But for scientists hard at work on developing cloaking devices, the question is more pertinent.

In an article on, Elizabeth Landau looks at two groups of scientists working on separate invisibility projects, both of which have achieved moderately promising results. Graeme Milton, a mathematician at the University of Utah, is working with a team of scientists based in Australia on invisibility models that use a superlens, a device that makes objects seem to disappear. Seeming to disappear is very different from actually becoming invisible, and so far the theory only applies to small objects, such as clusters of dust particles. This is a long way from invisibility as Harry Potter and his marvelous cloak know it.

So far Milton and his team have only been able to prove their theories mathematically, however, back in 2006 a Russian professor, Oleg Gadomsky, actually patented his method of optical camouflage. Gadomsky used his knowledge in quantum and optical electronics to arrange gold nanoparticles in a stratum that "cloaks the image of an object to the other side of the stratum". Wearing a parka-like garment, Gadomsky demonstrated his "invisibility cloak" to great success and can even be viewed on a video that has done the rounds on the internet.

On a completely different tack, SkinScan has used all available technology to develop fabric that mimics skin tone to create the illusion that the fabric is in fact not there. Jerold Kritchman & Co., the creators of Almost Invisible(TM) Clothing hold fast to their belief that the natural tones and colours of women's skin is inherently glamourous and go by the politically correct motto of "My colour is my sensuality".

SkinScan(TM) Technology records skin tone and reproduces it on a number of different fabrics, which can be used in the cut and design of a number of different products customised to individual needs. Kritchman hopes that clothing that looks invisible when worn will open up a whole new area for clothing fashion designers to explore.

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